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Dworek Dąbrowa offers halls to rent for special events.
For busy clients, we offer assistance in organizing birthdays, baby showers and other occasions.

Dworek Dąbrowa is also an ideal place for small social events, training courses, workshops and conferences. We provide audio-visual equipment and catering. There is also a barbecue area, fireplace, playground and a lot of space for an outdoor activities.


Dworek Dąbrowa offers accommodation for up to 21 persons. All rooms have adjacent bathrooms and are equipped with TV, refrigerator, telephone and radio.


At the moment our restaurant offers only breakfasts for guests and catering for the events organized in Dworek Dąbrowa.


We offer our halls to rent. If you are busy, we will gladly help you with organizing birthdays, baby showers and parties for any other occasions.


Our banquet halls can accommodate up to 80 people. For a lower number of guests smaller meeting room will serve as a dance floor.

Stadnina Pod Lasem

On our doorstep there is a horse stable Stadnina Pod Lasem - a place where whole family can relax, enjoy horse riding, and spend a great time outdoors together.